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Common Issues

Here are a few common issues that users have had in the past. These issues are either commonly asked in Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot's Self Hosting Support channel within their Discord or a well known issue in general. Here you will find how to fix it should you have one of these issues. Note: You can see a list of issues mentioned on this page by using the links to the right of the page.

Did Not Set Required Config Option: YAGPDB_CLIENTID

If you get this error:

error="Did not set required config option: \"yagpdb.clientid\" (YAGPDB_CLIENTID as env var)"

Using ~/.profile: If you are storing your env variables inside of ~/.profile, ensure that you're starting YAGPDB with the same user. Example if you start yag with sudo - you must store your env variables as the root user. As a work around you can use the following command: sudo -E ./yagpdb -all


When you try to access your dashboard using the variable you set here, you may get the following error:

This is because YAGPDB can not issue its own https certificate by itself.

There are two ways we can work around this.

Just use http. If you're insane, you could just not use a https certificate. However, of course we do not reccomend this work around. To use this, simply run the following command to start the bot: ./yagpdb -all -pa -https=false

Your dashboard should now be accessible by using

Know of any other common issues?

Do you know any common issues that occur often or are enquired about all the time? Send them my way via GitHub Pull request.